Armand Bartos, Principal

Armand Bartos is a private dealer with over thirty years of experience dealing in significant 20th century art. He specializes in Post War and Contemporary Art, with a particular focus on Abstract Expressionism, early Pop and Minimal Art and in 20th Century European Art. Armand brokers works of art on behalf of private collectors in the United States and abroad. His sales have included important works by Calder, Chamberlain, de Kooning, Frankenthaler, Johns, Leger, Lewitt, Matisse, Mitchell, Motherwell, Nevelson, Picasso, Pollack and Warhol, among others. Armand also works with museums and has placed works at MoMA, the National Gallery in Washington, D.C., LACMA, the Pompidou and The Ludwig Collection, among others.

Armand works with a broad range of collectors to find the best possible works within their collecting interests and budget constraints. He works with experienced collectors to find specific works or to hone their collection, as well as with younger collectors to educate and advise them in the early stages of building a collection. Throughout his career Armand has been an important resource not only for collectors, but also for art advisors, private dealers and museum curators around the world.

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